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Accredited Landlords for ten years - June 2018

Marston Properties reaches the ten year anniversary of being an Accredited Landlord this year.

Joining the Accredited Landlords scheme requires us to have at least one ‘accredited’ member of staff in the residential lettings department – we go a step further and ensure ALL our residential lettings staff are accredited.

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Replacing London’s trees - March 2018

There are around 8.5 million trees in London – one for every Londoner - making it one of the greenest city’s in the world.

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150 years of the Plough Brewery Clapham SW8 - Feb 2018

2018 is the 15th anniversary of the opening of the building known as The Plough Brewery. The new building was opened on the 3rd February 1868 by master brewer Thomas Woodward.

In 1868 London was the biggest city on earth at the centre of the biggest trading nation in the world but the average life expectancy of a Londoner was only 20 years.

It is also the 50th anniversary of when Marston Properties purchased the brewery buildings. In 1968 the buildings were in a very sorry state and only three years later the building was under threat of demolition by the local council.  

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Hurry Hurry! Only 2 retail units immediately available on Wandsworth Bridge Road - Jan 2018

Wandsworth Bridge Road is one of the main arterial roads coming in to south west London and is designated a ‘neighbourhood parade’ by Hammersmith and Fulham planners. There is the predictable smattering of estate agents and convenience stores, but this high street is thriving, providing bespoke products and personal services for homes and health and beauty.

Only two retail units out of the 9 vacant units in Wandsworth Bridge Road are ready to move in to.

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Clapham Society Awards Plough Brewery the Green Plaque - Oct 2017

Marston Properties is delighted to announce that the Clapham Society has awarded the Green Plaque award to the Grade II-listed Plough Brewery Clapham. The award scheme commemorates buildings that have survived a significant change of use and was initiated by the Clapham Society in 2011, as part of its mission to promote excellence in new developments and celebrate conservation of the best features of the past.

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Our Latest Transformation! - Sept 2017

Purchased in October 2014, 170 Wandsworth bridge Road was opened for letting on the 5th September 2017 by Marston Properties construction director Peter Bull.

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