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Having modernised the accommodation to include fitted carpets and central heating immediately after the purchase they suffered damage from an incendiary bomb on Sunday night the 20th February 1944.

The files show that whilst temporary repairs were carried out straight away as the buildings were occupied, the war damage repairs were not completed until 1951. 

1938 Front Of Elmar And Wilston Local
2018 Roof Works 2

732-738 Fulham Road - On the right is a picture of The newly converted buildings at the end of 1938 with William Marston standing on the steps of Wilston Court in his bowler hat. 

On the left - looking just as immaculate, Elmar and Wilston court as they are today.

2018 View Across Car Park
1938 Elmar Garages

The building today is shown in the right hand picture alongside a picture of the another  view across the garden to the neighbouring buildings taken in  around 1939.

1938 Rear Of Elmar And Wilston
2018 New Windows And Roof Rear 2

The rear view of the new flats, showing decorators finishing off the windows in 1938. Note the  extra long ladder on the left  reaching up to the gutter -  working off ladders at this height is no longer allowed .

The steel Crittal windows had  reached the end of their serviceable life and in 2018 were replaced like for like with a modern equivalent.   

We took the opportunity to redress the roof coverings and painted all the Victorian windows.

Keeping our property in good repair is important to us and our occupiers !