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2021 mini and 3 vans

New electric vehicles

2021 back of van

We ordered three new Nissan electric vans to replace our dirty diesels in November 2019 and were expecting delivery in the Spring of 2020. No prizes for guessing what happened instead but we finally managed to get hold of our three shiny new white  Nissan vans at the end of 2020.

Then we found our red wrap vinyl wasn’t in stock as none had been made during lock down.

Finally the vans and mini  arrived fully wrapped complete with our 125 anniversary logo in March 2021, almost a year later than we had planned .

We have installed charging points in our Yard and at some of our properties so the maintenance team are getting used to charging up and planning their journeys around where to charge next. Getting used to driving electric vehicles in the winter can be a challenge especially carrying heavy tools and materials. Deciding whether you can afford to use power to put the heating on or get to a job is a bit of a dilemma in the snow .

Marstons was founded in 1895 at a time when horses rather than a combustion engine were more likely to pull materials and tools to a job. Several members of staff and William Marston himself recalled using hand carts to take ladders and tools to jobs that meant a walk of many miles before the job could be started .

The earliest images we have of a Marston vehicles are in the early 1930’s so we can’t tell if they were anything other than black but certainly from the 1950’s onwards the lorries and vans were red

WJM lorry 1934
1959 Marston Bedford lorry
1965 October Harry Saunders With Van