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Defib 2

You maybe asking, we know all about this…….. how does this relate to everyday life at Marstons?

The answer to this question is that it generated weighty discussion in the office the Monday after the match – we were all shocked at what had happened and if it could happen to an athlete at the top of his game and go undetected just how vulnerable we all are…………

The discussion moved on to what would we do if one of us or one of our visitors, occupiers or neighbours collapsed as a result of heart attack in the office or close to the office?

Nilli ( accounts and reception) said that we should consider installing Defibrillators, which I had to confess not knowing much about.

A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. This high energy shock is called defibrillation, and it's an essential part in trying to save the life of someone who's in cardiac arrest.

‘A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. Survival rates fall by 10% every minute without defibrillation. Using a defibrillator within three minutes of a cardiac arrest can improve a person's chance of survival by as much as 70%.’ According St John’s Ambulance.

Eriksen’s incident generated much coverage on the use of defibrators on the news. There was a demonstration on TV by Mark King on just how easy it is to use an automated defibrator. Mark very sadly lost his 12 year old son Oliver who suffered a cardiac arrest at school during a swimming race without access to a defibrator and has been spreading the message since…..

I asked my son’s school about the automated defibrillators they had purchased and the games teacher gave me a demonstration – the machine tells you exactly what to do. It won’t deliver a shock if it isn’t needed; you cannot cause any accidental harm.

So, brimming with all this information, I raised the question at one of our regular Directors’ meetings and received a resounding and unanimous yes! In fact, three yes’s as Jane ( Commercial Director ) suggested that in addition to Mills Yard, we also fit them at Tideway/Old Power Station and at The Plough/Tun Yard/518 Wandsworth Road/Artesian. A worthwhile investment, as you’ll all agree.

It’s so good to be back in the office together so we can engage in these unplanned additions and make things happen