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All The More Determined ; 125 Years in business

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The hand-bound books started to arrive just before Christmas for all our employees . Instead of the planned book launch we have had to dispatch them individually to shareholders and the people we work with over the last month or so... and there are still more to go out. 

Therefore a huge thanks goes to Philip Rubenstein , our editor for keeping the book research going just as all the archives and libraries closed last year and also to Anne Roache of K M heritage for pointing him in the right direction.

Thanks also go to Philip and Jane Chipchase for turning a jumble of recollections, ledgers, photos and newspaper cuttings into an illustrated , coherent account of the ebb and flow of our family business . Thank you also to Jane for her special book design and for the unexpected need to do all the scanning herself and for accommodating the changes we had to make as we all worked from home.

Thank you also to family , including Barbara and Bridget for providing photos, comments and memories . Special thanks go to John and Mette for finding the boxes of letters and images and Nicola for filling some of the gaps and the extraordinarily detailed family heritage research over the years.

Thank you also to past staff ,Iris Parrish and Kim Peacock for sifting through their albums for precious photos and or lending them to us.

Thank you to the interviewees for their recollections , Andrew Marston, Anna Nicholls , Peter Bull, Dave Ingram , Leroy Chase, John Marston and Joshua Beckman. An extra thank you goes to Anna for the first round of proof reading !

Thank you to Pure Print , another family business , who have made such a beautiful book with Jane’s carefully chosen papers , ribbons and screen printed cloth cover.  

Two external sources were invaluable – ‘Fulham in the Second World War’ by Leslie Hasker , published in 1984 by Fulham and Hammersmith Historical Society and ‘A History of Fulham’ by Barbara Denny , published in 1990 by Historical Publications . We also  included many of the recollections of employees , some long since gone that were compiled by John Marston for the W J Marston & Son Ltd centenary booklet in 1995.

Finally thank you to all our current team members who have graciously allowed us to use ‘lockdown’ selfies instead of professional portraits , a necessity that has turned in to a fitting tribute to everyone for playing their part during a very difficult time. Who would have known that almost a year later we still can’t stand next to each other to have our photos taken!

A page for the book will be available shortly  on the web site with a link to the whole book 

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