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Creating new and better spaces in our neighbourhood

At Marston Properties, we’ve been developing and refurbishing properties to live and work for more than 125 years.

We are always looking to expand our portfolio of residential and commercial properties and are sensitive to the characteristics of the local area, retaining original features and rescuing historically significant buildings from demolition.

While some of our developments are then sold, many of our more characterful buildings are added to our portfolio of commercial and residential rental properties.

Whether we’re keeping the properties to let out or selling them on, we make sure every building we work on only adds to the special character of South-West London.

We have an ongoing requirements for sites. For further information or if you have a site that could be of interest, please contact:

Christian Kortlang, Land Buyer

Email: [email protected]
020 3010 1946
07769 218 209

Marston Properties

Hugon Road


020 7736 7133

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