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Since 1895

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Cherished buildings

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Local character

Our buildings have seen bombs drop
They've seen prices soar, bubbles burst, markets rally
They quietly watched, and stood their ground.
Their walls have been plastered with teen-dream posters,
as Beatles became Bowie, Robbie became Harry.......
Their rooms have seen Deco and G-plan and Shabby Chic
They've seen it come and go. And come back again.
They've heard the clack of typewriters, the squawk of a fax and the ping of an email.
Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Elizabethan.
The Monarchs passed through leaving their names on the bricks.
Through wars, through fashions, through boom and bust.
Through four generations in SW6

A Marston's building is here to stay

1895- 2020. 125 years building in Fulham

The Marston Properties Promise

When you rent a home or office from Marston Properties you can expect a different experience. We only let out residential and commercial properties that we own ourselves, so you can have a direct relationship with your landlord, without having to go through an agent.

The job of an estate agent ends when they hand over the keys, but we’re not estate agents; for us as the Property Owner it’s  just the beginning…….. We stay involved and we are aligned with the very best Industry Codes of Conduct  including The British Property Federation, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors  and The Mayor of London’s Office.

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Company Values 

Marston Properties Ltd is a family owned and run property development & investment Company. The individual is important and the working culture reflects family life, nurturing, supportive, encouraging, tolerant and compassionate but at the same time striving to be commercially and professionally demanding (without forgetting to have fun)

The business culture reflects the Marston family values

Responsible to our community

Honest in our dealings

Provident with our resources

Determined to achieve

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Local Experts

You will be dealing with experts in South West London.  After all this family run business has been building, developing and renting here for more than 125 years.

Long term commitment in what we do we invest in properties for the long term this means we have an interest in both managing and maintaining the properties we own to the highest standards

Sustainable development we avoid quick fix short term solutions, avoid unsustainable materials and suppliers where possible .We do not take on or issue unreasonable lease terms but encourage best commercial practise

Provident with our resources We look after our buildings , furnishings , vehicles, plant and materials and make sure they last . When items are replaced we do not make the decisions purely on financial constraints but on ‘lifetime’ cost

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Personal Service

Whether it is your home or your office, you can be sure we own the whole building you occupy.  We control who shares the communal areas, gardens, car parks & hallways and make sure they are clean and well-maintained.

Our team really cares. They love the buildings they look after and want you to enjoy living and working in them too.

Nimble and reactive to commercial pressures opportunities must be grasped which means change will occur and must be embraced not resisted . We Continually review how we do things and why.

Feeling of ownership and commitment We expect staff to regard the properties as if they were caring for their own and safe guard money as if it were their last .Staff are expected to act with integrity to do the ‘right thing’ which may not mean choosing the easiest route

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Loyalty to each other and the company we strive to give staff confidence and a feeling of empowerment in what they do Staff must be sufficiently ‘tooled’ up and not have to‘ make do and mend’ through continuing structured staff learning development

Commitment to staff wellbeing, by recognition and reward and support particularly for family and personal commitments as far as business needs will allow.

Motivations are selfless to avoid hidden agendas. Feedback and praise tis given to make people feel valued and appreciated .There is no culture or requirement for hierarchical status symbols and there is an ‘open door policy ’ so Directors are always available

Mutual respect between all staff whatever their role their contribution is important. We Celebrate achievements and successes as well as give support at stressful times . Feelings should be expressed and respected whilst not taking constructive criticism about ones job personally

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Open and Honest 

Honesty and openness in everything we do we expect this to reach out to every level although at the same time must be tempered with commercial common sense – if we strike a deal we honour it.

Encourage creative processes Whilst we will provide frameworks for what is required we will not be prescriptive in how processes are carried out or in how to find solutions . We shall encourage the questioning of sources and lateral creative thinking when dealing with problems.

Engaging with each others roles. No keeping your head down and just getting on with your own job- your role relates to what others are doing and you will learn more about your own role by interacting.   We all understand what is expected of everyone across all disciplines and appreciate their strengths