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Magdalen Park Estate 1933

Building homes

1935 Wjm Herondale Avenue Sw18

1930’s Marston development

Herondale Avenue Wandsworth Common was part of Marstons first large scale speculative housing development on land leased from Holloway Properties. John and Elsie moved in to number 15 after John James was born in February 1935.

Housing Brochure 1935

The Magdalen Park Estate built on green fields close to Wandsworth Common was one of 28 jobs on site at the time. The site provided 71 houses forming the new Roads Titchwell, Multon and Burcote.

There was a mix of 3 & 4 bedroom houses still very sought after today. Marstons produced their own sales brochure and mortgages. A four bedroom hoyse was priced at £1,150 while a here bedroom a more modest £950. All houses had an 80 foot garden and a garage. All the houses were sold off plan before building work even started. 

John W Marston entered a competition sponsored by the Building Industries Sanding Committee to design an ‘economic house’ as part of the drive to build new homes after the second world war. Marstons won both the Middlesex and Kent division of the competition. The prize being a building permit! The Kent prize started the estate of 54 houses on Barrack Hill in Hythe Kent. The Middlesex permit was withdrawn due to the implementation of the green belt. The special features of the house were fitted cupboards and draft proof wood block floors eliminating the need to buy large pieces of furniture and floor coverings. 

1938 Homes

Refurbishing homes to rent 

Marstons not only built new homes but were also interested in creating new modern homes by converting exiting buildings. Elmar and Wilston Courts were four houses converted in to sixteen flats in 1938 with all modern conveniences of the day including central heating, fitted kitchens, communal gardens and parking. The flats are still very popular rentals owned by the company to this day.

Local authority housing – the boom years

Barclay Rd Flats
Barclay road flats in Fulham built by Marstons in 1958
Buildig Flats
Barclay road flats in Fulham built by Marstons in 1958
Block Of Flats
The Browning Estate for the LCC in 1951
Block Of Flats 2
Cassidy Road Fulham SW6 built by Marstons in 1958
Cassidy Road
Building Cassidy Road 1958
Web Site New Build Flats Kersfield Rd 1975
Kersfield Road flats built in 1975

1960’s development

The Victorian Housing stock that made up much of London’s housing was in a sorry state by the 1960’s and much of it was being cleared away by local authorities. Marstons saw that it had value and in an effort to improve the Borough’s housing stock Fulham Council joined Marstons to mount an exhibition in three houses owned by the firm in Hugon Road SW6. Visitors were ushered in to an unmodernised property without a bathroom or heating then led through the adjacent house with modern kitchen, heating and hot and cold running water. Henry Brooke the Conservative Minister for Housing came to inspect.

Housing Improvement Expo

The decline in local authority funding for public housing at the end of the 1960’s and early 1970’s led to the refurbishment of older properties looking more financially attractive . However the threat of the nationalisation of the building industry during the mid1970’s led to uncertainty and Marstons concentrated on contracting.

Marston Development 1985

1980’s development

The tide was turning, instead of steadily shrinking from the mid 1980’s the London population started to grow and house prices increase. Marstons started to develop housing once more.  

Coombe Hill Stables
1986 A conversion of grade II listed Coombe Hill Stables in Kingston
Lancaster Mews in Wandsworth completed in 1988
Tideway Wharf Mortlake completed in 1989
1986 Coombe Hill 2
1990 Cavalry Gardens and Kendal Place SW15, a development of 50 freehold houses and flats with swimming pool

Building housing during the 1990’ s/2000’s 

Wjm 1990S Housing
Wjm 1990S Housing 2
Wjm Housing 1990S 3
Wjm Housing 1990S 4
Wjm Housing 1990S 5
Wjm Housing 1990S 6
Wjm Housing 1990S 7
Wjm Housing 1990S 8
Wjm Housing 1990S 9