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Vera and Darren

To remind everyone of our values the Directors award three silver cups each year to staff who have reflected the values in either the way they have approached their work or something they have achieved during the year. The fourth value in some ways the most important – it’s the one all employees vote for the ‘Community Cup’. The winner is the person who has helped their colleagues most during the year

This years winners ….

The Community Cup was won by Adam McCullagh , our maintenance manager who joined us in July 2018 . He has not only made a big difference to the productivity of his team but he is always ready to help his colleagues and fellow managers –always with a sense of humour and a smile . The maintenance team sometimes takes a lot of unwarranted flack but Adam keeps everyone on track and motivated.

The Bowl of Providence was awarded to two people this year.

Darren Walsh for his skills in mending , rehanging, fixing, re-using – there can’t be a window in our portfolio where he hasn’t re -corded a sash or a fire door that he hasn’t hung or a lock he hasn’t eased. Darren also gets mentions from satisfied occupiers for his care and courteous way he approaches things. Darren shares the cup with Vera Cutler for her continued work on KPI’s and her great presentations for the managers that helps all the teams keep on track.

The Progression Cup was awarded to Alessandra Menei for the additional facilities management responsibilities that she has taken on this year. Alessandra’s knowledge and her organisational skills and attention to detail is second to none and commercial occupiers comment on her efficiency and eye for detail.

The Determination Cup was awarded to Agnieszka Peczek for never taking no for an answer. Asking people to make rent payments can be a challenge but Agnieszka has managed to bring some rent accounts up to date that have been in arrears for a very long time- all in the politest way possible of course ! Agnieszka has decided to go travelling in the new year and we will miss her.

We combined the cup awards with ‘Save the Children Christmas’ jumper day for which we raised a chunky knitted £300.00

Adam and Caroline