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Crossland place 138

The calm of the courtyard

2021 Crosland place mews

It has taken us 5 years of non stop effort and resource to get to the stage of handing over the new rental homes to our new occupiers in May and June of 2021.

March 2016 we purchased the site that had been used latterly as office space and workshops with some residential space by a faith based charity. The buildings  were characterful, light industrial use built of stock brick and a glazed saw tooth roof accessed via a narrow mews .Much of the building had very little natural light other than from top lights in the roof  which was  a little dilapidated but we loved it.

November 2016 . We decided we could not create a feasible scheme and address the energy performance of the existing buildings so the decision was made to work up a scheme for a new building . A ‘pre-application’ was submitted to the Wandsworth planners .

May 2017 Marstons held a neighbour consultation to which all adjoining owners and residents were invited to see the proposed plans (that were planning policy compliant). Taking on board some of the comments our revised scheme was then submitted later the same year.

1 3 Crosland before demolition Oct
March 2016
2021 Crosland place mews after
June 2021
Crosland Place 69 2 whole living dressed

December 2017 despite officer recommendation for approval our first application was turned down. The 'inward looking' scheme addressed all the privacy fears of the adjoining owners .The site is directly bounded by five private gardens to the houses in Taybridge Road and a nursery playground in Garfield Road.

Some adjoining owners asked the Ward Councillors to represent them at the first planning committee meeting as is their right to do. The scheme was completely misrepresented .Windows were described as over looking gardens and being nearer than the original building and much larger floor area than the original when in fact the new building is 101m2 (over 1000ft2) less in volume then the original and in the most part lower and definitely no nearer.  We had no right of reply. 

There are no windows or balconies that over look adjoining gardens or dwellings. There is no over looking .

July 2018 Planning permission was granted. The scheme consented was largely unchanged from the first rejected scheme but for the front wall of a living area at first floor level was set further back at the end of the mews and one courtyard made smaller.

July 2018 On granting planning permission, Wandsworth Council received a pre-action protocol notice lodged by some adjoining owners . Although this did not result in a’ judicial review’ the project had to be paused for several months while we awaited the outcome.

2021 Crosland place detail 2

Detail design year 3

October 2018 'Construction issue' detailing commenced and a Contractor engaged to work with us on buildability issues with the intention of negotiating a contract price – this turned out to be unproductive and having lost another few months we changed track to a traditional bill of quantities and a full tender that went out  to several contractors .

Owner and developer :Marston Properties Ltd

Architect : Sergison Bates Architects

Contract Admin: Marick PS

Engineer : Symmetrys

Landscape Architect : Miria Harris

Main Contractor : Uprise Ltd

Building Services : Mendick Waring

Building Control : Assent

Planning Consultant:  Phillips Planning

Crosland during demo Nov

Construction year 4

July 2019 We interviewed the three front runner contractors with support from Marrick PS . Uprise Ltd was appointed as main Contractor in the summer of 2019

October 2019 demolition commenced and the building was flattened by the end of the year .

The neighbours in Taybridge Road from Nos 5-13 and the nursery at L’ecole du Parc in Garfield Road had to relinquish a 2m depth of garden or playground that was hoarded to protect them during the works. We know this was difficult, particularly so as it was during lock down .We did all we could to mitigate the inconvenience . The reinstated gardens were delivered back to owners with hard and soft landscaping reinstated within the 40 weeks permitted unless agreed otherwise. We are hugely grateful to our neighbours patience and tolerance through the works.

March 2020 – April 2021 Construction continued throughout the pandemic restrictions during 2020 and 2021 and the nine flat scheme was completed in April 2021 a few months behind schedule.

Crosland Feb
Crosland May
Crosland August 20
Crosland Place 54 office dressed

Completed homes Year 5

The keys were handed to Chesterton the letting agent in the middle of May 2021 and within 5 days all apartments had lets agreed. The first occupants moved in a week later and by the end of June all the flats occupied.

The clever new build courtyard scheme has nine apartments (all available to rent), six of which have two bedrooms and two bathrooms and their own internal courtyards and terraces. The one bedroom flat has a sleeping space large enough for a super king bed that looks on to it's own private courtyard. The only three bedroom flat has an inner courtyard and first floor terrace, the first occupants of which will be a young family . All the apartments have plenty of general storage and large fitted wardrobes as well as a separate cycle store. .

Marston Properties has been building and developing in South West London for 125 years and will retain the Crosland Place building in their residential portfolio.

Crosland Place 43
2021 Crosland place flat 8 blog
2021 Crosland place courtyard